Our Fees
Here you will learn a little bit more about our fees.  We like to be upfront and honest with everyone on the costs on getting quality marketing support.

Like our businesses, we have no one set way of charging for services as all situations and businesses' needs are different.  We will come up with a custom plan that fits your business as part of our bid for service following our free initial consultation.


You are here because you have already decided you need some support.  We do not want to get our fees in your way.  We will work with you to put together a project and a payment plan that does not create additional burden.  We understand that sometimes plans change, goals move, and financing can get complicated.  We are happy to work with you to help your business or organization grow.

We will always sit down with you for an hour or two to start to listen to your needs and see how we may help.  This up front meeting and our proposed Project Plan are at no charge to you (other than your time).

Project Pricing
Let's be honest - you have may have concerns with moving ahead with a marketing consultant and am not sure what you are getting out of it.  With every project, we define the costs up front (as best as we know going in), and set up a project payment schedule.  You will never be asked for money up front to get work started.  If someone does, I suggest you have found a poor consultant.

We do offer discounts from our hourly rates for projects over 20 hours.  Specifics will be outlined in your Project Plan.

We strive to keep part of our fee due following the completion of the defined project (if applicable).  We only ask for payment if you are satisfied with our services.

Hourly Rates
Our standard hourly rate for marketing services is $125 per hour, inclusive.  This means we do not charge for travel time, phone calls, emails, etc. unlike your attorney.  We bill in quarterly increments, however it is usually in hourly increments, based on the Project (above).  We may encounter service fees for specific work with our partners and affiliates (graphic artists, photographers, programmers) that are higher, however, we will define these as part of any Proposed Project.

Non-profits and institutions of higher education: Please contact us for special rates.

Risk Sharing
For special circumstances, we can offer our services with a risk-sharing model.  We have worked with clients to share increased sales due to a defined advertising campaign or other marketing effort in lieu of our standard hourly charges.  This model does cost a little more, however it can help with smaller or cash-poor businesses with acute sales development needs.  We have used this fee structure with events, grant writing, and fundraising efforts as well.

Pre-capitalized firms interested in our services may offer equity or a mix of equity and cash for payment.  We find this is a good model for our start-up / early stage medical device and diagnostic firms seeking seed or other capital.  Service fees are typically covered by warrants.

Material and travel expenses may be charged separately from our service fees.  With little exception, expenses must be paid directly when invoiced and deferring these third party costs are not available.