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At Market Demand, we love the work we do.  Here is just a little sampling of what we have done with some of our clients to generate more, better business.

  Local business.

We got to work with the Daily Cake to help get their brand defined, website and facebook up, and support their launch activities.  A great business defined in a premium space to allow owners the flexibility to define and develop their business (online and maybe later direct retail).

...And their cupcakes are really yummy!

Start-up medical diagnostics.

Revolutionizing medicine is always a tough business, but when you have a great technology platform that could replace mass spectrometry for detecting breath-air organic compounds, then the work becomes fun.  We are working with TeraBat to help with defining go-to market strategy, regulatory, and reimbursement strategy.

Interior design

We can really take credit for little here.  Jackie has a great eye for style and her website reflects it.  We jumped in to help with some back-end parts of the site and track site analytics.

Local non-profit.

LEN is the entrepreneurial hub of northern Boulder County.  We are working with LEN Executive Director Alex Sammoury to find some grants for new programs, grow existing ones and work on updating this incubator's look and feel.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for some business mentorship, space, take a look at LEN!

University department.

One of our favorite projects.  We have been working with Dan Gette and Andrea Kragerud at CU Conference Services now for about a year and it is great to see their progress.  We helped them define client populations, and build the specification list for the new website (in progress).

CU Conference Services is beginning to bring in 'the right clients' to the campus.  This will allow them to have bigger, better, and more impactful conferences for the University which will improve their bottom line and advance the school at the same time. 

   Community event.

What could be more fun than working on a brand-new event in your town that is related to cycling?  The first annual event for Bicycle Longmont blew away expectations on what Longmont can do for cycling, with 950+ riders and 1200+ total participants.

Market Demand provided in-kind marketing expertise for this event, managing a lot of the branding, website creation and maintenance, through event execution.  We are happy to be back on board for 2012 where we expect even a bigger, better event!

Early stage medical diagnostics.

Scott worked with these guys from the get-go as an employee, prior to Market demand.  from defining go-to market strategies, clinical, and regulatory plans, and brand identity, he
had the opportunity to develop this company through product launch in 2010.

  Skin care and Beauty.

Not to be confused with the current Mr. James Bond, Danielle Craig is a master esthetician who brings her medical education as a nursing candidate to the work she does to improve her client's skin.

Market Demand got to help
Danielle with setting up facebook, Google Places, website design, collateral, and general marketing efforts.